Dark Circles: Erase Paste vs Boi-ing

POSTED BY Poppy Dinsey IN The Lust List @ March 14, 2011 - 1:25 pm

Like most good women, I suffer from dark circles. Covering them up is a lot easier than trying to banish them altogether (sleep is for losers) but there are so many bloody under eye products that it can be nigh on impossible to find one that’s any good.

According to every magazine article ever, the number one girl’s best friend is YSL’s Touche Eclat. WHY?! I own Touche Eclat and I really don’t rate it all, and it’s not cheap either – £21. Granted, make-up is very subjective. We all have different skin tones, different complexions, different needs…but it seems (from my very unscientific research at least) that I am not alone in finding Touche Eclat more ‘meh’ than ‘must have’.

So I asked Twitter for some recommendations and was overwhelmed with positive reviews for Boi-ing and Erase Paste. Now *both* of these products are by Benefit, which begged the question of which was better. It seems that there are firm fans in both camps, so I tried both to see which I felt tackled the dark circle problem the best.

I asked Nichola Pergande if Benefit themselves have a particular favourite of the two, and she passed on my question to Benefit’s Senior Brow & Body Grooming Expert at their Covent Garden boutique – Darren Seale…

“Erase paste is the best product for darkness and bags under the eye, use a pea size amount on back of hand and warm it up, apply in a V shape under the eyes with your brush this will brighten and hide the bags.”

So as Erase Paste seems to be the recommended product for this problem area, let’s start with Erase Paste.

Erase Paste is a creamy concentrated concealer, it comes in three shades (I used 02, the medium shade) and has melon undertones to help brighten as well as cover up. As the name suggests, it’s not as solid as some concealers it’s more like a pasty liquid, akin to a very thick foundation. I found it very easy to apply with my fingers.

On the left hand picture above you can see my completely make-up free naked eye area, freshly scrubbed clean. It’s not that easy to photograph but you can see my dark circles and I also had a burst vein or something going on. Lovely! You can see from the picture on the right that the Erase Paste definitely helped hide the dark circles. You could still see the red mark but this was softened. An obvious improvement.

But what about Boi-ing?

Boi-ing may have lost out to Erase Paste when it came to being recommended  as the best product by Benefit themselves, but they do advertise it as an industrial strength concealer that can camouflage dark circles (as well as a multitude of other sins). Like Erase Paste, it comes in three shades and I opted for 02 – medium. It’s a fairly solid compact that you basically just rub with your finger and the warmth of your fingertip will get the product ready for application. It’s really easy to apply with your fingers and definitely earns its title of an ‘industrial strength concealer’, it goes on and hides just about anything. You really only need very little to hide a lot.

Again, you can see before and after above.

So which is best?

Well they both have impressive staying power, though I felt Boi-ing lasted longer. Boi-ing is slightly cheaper at £16.50 whereas Erase Paste is £19.50. But what it really comes down to is coverage…which made me look less like a tired wreck?!

For me, Boi-ing was the clear winner. My circles were less obvious and my gaggy burst vein thing was completely hidden – AMAZING.

So I would recommend Boi-ing over Erase Paste when it comes to hiding things, but it’s prob worth heading to a Benefit counter and trying both if you’re not sure – they have very different textures and you might prefer Erase Paste.

I have to say though that Boi-ing is actually the best concealer I have ever used – hurrah! And it will be a firm staple in my make-up bag from now on.

Why sleep when you can cheat?

Wanna hide your own nasty shadows? Head over to Benefit here. Oh and you can totes get free UK Delivery on any order over £50 if you enter promo code FREEDELI at checkout. Nifty.